Lang Communications - Investor relations

Lang Communications - Investor relations

Investor relations

 Investor relations portfolio linkAnnual reports and other investor communications demand experience in the field. Ours is unrivalled. No other copywriting business comes close.

It's challenging work. Annual report writers have to sniff out what's not being said. They need to be sensitive to nuance and cultural difference. There are political undercurrents and legal imperatives to navigate. And that's before the writing even starts.

Over the years we've completed some 300 reports for well over 100 organisations. They include every kind of business from FTSE-100 plcs to AIM-listed and private equity backed companies.

Between them, our writers have notched up 35 investor relations awards over the past five years alone. But being invited back by clients, as we very often are, is the best recognition.

We are also increasingly asked to write critiques of existing reports, either by our own clients or by design agencies seeking to help their clients through the reporting process.

Best practice
So when PricewaterhouseCoopers, CIMA and the Report Leadership group wanted to set out radical ideas for best practice in corporate reporting, they came to us. We've been on the project team ever since, contributing ideas and writing 'model' reports to show how the ideas work in practice.