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Thursday, 12 December 2019 10:12 pm

Thought piece for the day

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Thought piece for the day

Lang Communications is writing an increasing number of thought leadership articles for clients. Senior Writer Brian Thompson examines the thinking behind their popularity.

Almost by definition, the most successful companies are those that understand their sector and customers best. What better way to demonstrate this than through the power of their thinking? By offering valuable insights to a discerning audience, thought leadership is increasingly acting as a valuable differentiator for companies wanting to put distance between themselves and their competitors.

Several of our corporate clients are seizing the opportunity by publishing their own regular analysis of topical issues.

Why bother?

There are three main advantages. Firstly, our clients are positioning themselves as forward thinkers with a clear view of their sector. Not a bad image to have. Secondly, they can demonstrate their understanding of the challenges and opportunities their customers face. And finally, they can go on to explain just how well placed their own products and services are to help clients navigate these difficult times.

The focus

For example, suppose you are a bank providing trade finance and you decide to share your insights (or commission some research) into current prospects for UK exporters. By publishing your analysis, either in an appropriate trade journal or simply direct to your clients and prospects in a newsletter, you will raise your profile. And by talking authoritatively about, say, the problems exporters are facing through lack of finance, you are ideally placed to suggest ways in which your bank’s products and services can help them.

But whatever your sector – and we’ve worked on thought leadership in sectors ranging from automobiles to soft drinks and from accountancy firms to marine engineers – we find the principle remains the same: thought leadership can be a highly effective way to promote both your brand and your products.

The hurdles

There are pitfalls of course: getting your research or analysis wrong is not going to look good. A well-crafted piece of writing will make it clear that your thought piece is not mere crystal ball gazing but, rather, an informed opinion backed by experience and research – hedged with a little caution. You must also strike the right balance between independent opinion and advertising. A thought piece should never be a hard sell. Only when the reader has been won over by the strength and integrity of your analysis will they be receptive to your proposition. A well-briefed professional writer can help to make the piece more compelling and persuasive..

There has never been a better time

There’s nothing new about thought leadership: some of our clients have been using it for many years to build their profile and relationships with clients. What has changed though is that, in today’s uncertain business climate, the appetite for informed and cogently argued opinion is greater than ever.

Our advice is to turn this to your advantage and position yourself as a voice of reason in uncertain waters. You will be listened to, despite all the background noise, because there has never been a better time to have something interesting to say about your industry.

Lang’s thought leadership work includes clients in the banking, professional services, automotive and maritime sectors.

To discuss the benefits of thought leadership for your business please contact us at Lang Communications.