Lang’s Olympic bid document was top

Thursday, 12 December 2019 10:24 pm

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October 2009

Lang’s Olympic bid document was top

Tokyo 2016 turned to Lang Communications after our success in writing the winning bid document for London 2012. Though the Games have gone to Rio, we are pleased to report that both the Tokyo 2016 Candidate File and the Evaluation Commission presentation we wrote for them were awarded the highest number of points by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), beating Rio, Madrid and Chicago.

“The challenge for 2016  was to frame a bid for the globe’s biggest, most lavish sporting and cultural event during the world’s worst recession,” explains senior writer Lloyd Slater. “In Tokyo’s three-volume document we linked economic and environmental sustainability with the legacy of the Tokyo 1964 Games”.

The highlight of the Evaluation Commission presentation was a speech for the then Prime Minister Taro Aso. Building on his own experience as an Olympian, the speech was regularly quoted in international media. 

Read Prime Minister Taro Aso’s Candidate City speech [April 2009]