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Thursday, 12 December 2019 09:24 pm

Balfour Beatty project expands


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April 2010

Balfour Beatty project develops

Balfour Beatty decided to get more bang for its buck in 2010 by generating a host of other communications on the back of its annual report. Initially asked to help articulate the company’s strategy for the annual report, Lang was quickly co-opted to write a whole suite of literature for the leading construction group.

This included a forward-looking view of strategy and prospects for employees, a corporate brochure, and a super-summary for retail investors as part of the Notice of Meeting, as well as the online and printed annual and corporate responsibility reports – and a leadership handbook.

“Annual reports are a costly communications exercise that reaches a relatively small audience,” comments Lang chairman Joe Lang. “But the work that goes into them captures and crystallises information that’s important for other audiences: what’s our game plan, what are our prospects, what are we achieving for our customers? What Balfour Beatty has done is a great way to cut costs while ensuring that a whole range of online and printed communications are sharp and consistent.”