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April 2012

Major marketing guide for Network Rail

Network Rail is going through a process of devolution that will give greater autonomy to its major routes and regions. As a result, new local business units will be able to carry out their own marketing and communications activities, which have so far been run centrally.

Lang was asked to work with the Network Rail marketing team to write a set of step-by-step guidelines on how to produce marketing collateral. This involved spending eight days based at the company’s headquarters. The aim was to help the devolved teams adhere to the same style, presentation and messaging, and maintain a strong, consistent brand. As well as editing and writing the text, Lang contributed strategic communications advice for the guide – which will be used to produce brochures and posters, make videos, organise events, and commission photography or market research.   

Known as the Marketing Centre, the guide is available on the Network Rail intranet.